‘I’m Johnny Knoxville, and welcome to’: 21 Punch-to-the-Gut Funny ‘Jackass’ Crew Memes

Welcome to Memebase, and this is Jackass memes! That’s right. Any millennial who grew up with that epic Jackass crew gets it. We dreamed about riding in grocery carts, or flying into the air on a rocket. At the time, parents were upset, thinking that the Jackass crew was setting a bad example. Which, granted, they probably were, but they never asked to be role models. They just wanted to do some dumb sh*t and have fun, and isn’t that what every adolescent wants?! At least they did the really intrusive thought ones so we didn’t have to. Our curiosity was mostly quenched after watching Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, or Steve-O do the dumber stuff, so we were safe. So this goes out to the Jackass crew and anyone who grew up with them! Heck, we even loved Viva La Bam! Now that millennials are adults, we see the world a little differently. But we’ll never forget the carefree and careless Jackass days of our youth. So take your aspirin and check out these Jackass memes below!