Insane AI Art That Must Be Seen to be Believed

It seems like AI has totally blown up over the past six months. I remember when I first started working at Memebase, DALL-E AI-generated images were all the rage on Twitter. Personally, I thought those images were extremely cool because they could really accurately encompass the prompt. 

As time has gone on, AI art has become even more ubiquitous online, and it’s gotten better and better. The hands for most pieces are still blurry, and they’re nowhere near as sophisticated as some types of deep fake technology, but they still have the capacity to freak me out. I have many questions about what the proliferation of AI art will mean for actual artists who rely on commissions to get work. Luckily, that’s a conversation for another day. For now, I want to enjoy the sick and strange images that AI can create. What better way to spend a day?