Insanely Relatable Disney Memes For People Who Grew Up With VHS Tapes

Growing up in the 90’s was cool. On Friday’s, you could go to Blockbuster with your friends, spending hours checking out the latest Disney movies. We were always scanning the aisles for the latest released VHS (one that was already rewound, obviously) and debating the best pick before finally begging your parents to get two: One for tonight, one for tomorrow. 


If this memory is fresh for you, you probably haven’t seen a Disney movie in a while, however, if you watch any of those old classics now, there are certainly some jokes and some quips that you missed when you were only 10. 


Nowadays, watching a movie on Disney+ is much easier than taking a trek down to the rental store, but we’ll always remember those fond days of the fanfare and excitement of a new VHS tape being brought back to your family’s couch. These days, we just have to accept the fact that we’ve grown out of relating to the protagonist in every Disney movie and be okay with the idea that we are more like Ursula, Scar, and every other Disney villain.