Insanely Relatable Memes That Make You Feel Like Meme Creators Are Reading Your Mind

Memes are funny. We look at them, we like them, we send them to our friends. However, what happens sometimes and what is almost never seen in real life, is an existential moment where a meme is almost too accurate. The way that the image perfectly aligns with the text in such a relatable way can be Earth shattering and monumental, deepening the connection you have to your meme page creators. 

Are they reading your mind? 

Perhaps the human condition is one that is universal across all planes: demographic, wealth, culture, etc. For example, that cringe, gut-wrenching feeling you get when you step on melted ice in your kitchen while you’re wearing socks? Universal. The disturbed betrayal of the iPhone update in 2014 that off-loaded an un-deletable U2 album into your memory bank, forcing you to use precious backup space for a subpar album. Globally recognized. Human nature can be summarized in its most basic form using memes.