Insecure Dad Attends Wedding With Daughter, Refuses to Let Her Wear Heels

Men’s height is an insecurity that refuses to die. Whether they hover round the coveted 6 foot mark or they are on the more petite side, they are always rounding up an inch or two (or three plus, if they happen to be on a dating app). While it’s true that any obsession over men being tall can be pretty unfair, some get way too insecure about it. There’s a reason that the short man syndrome stereotype exists.

While it would be prejudiced to suggest that all our vertically challenged kings have a chip on their shoulder, it definitely has a negative effect on some of them. Case in point is one Reddit user, who took to r/AmITheAsshole to ask if he was in the wrong for making his daughter not wear heels to a wedding they were attending because he was insecure about her being taller. Spoiler alert: most people thought he was. Perhaps it’s time we gave a thought to all the tall gals out there, too.