InstructionalDesign for Academics aims to provide a fresh and innovative perspective to teaching in the new age. It seeks to lay a strong foundation for the teachers in looking at Teaching as a modern profession and the need for new global competencies for course design, delivery and teaching. It takes into consideration the imperatives for students needs analysis and use of technology in teaching and course content. The first part of Instructional Design toAcademics, Approach to InstructionalDesign takes the learner through the framework on design for teaching and instructional design as a process to plan teaching, course and content. It also seeks to highlight the nature of modern teaching as a design profession and a contemporary global skill necessary for all teachers. This course gives guidance on incorporating scientific basis to course design, content development and teaching methods. This course show cases several models of InstructionalDesign such as Bloom’s taxonomy, ARCSmodel and Gagne’s Nine events to present ideas on course and pedagogy design. This course is directed at new candidates looking at teaching as a career and profession, new teachers who need a good grounding on the instructional design theories and models, experienced teachers who need to catch up on contemporary thought on teaching and course design.