Insufferable Designer Put In His Place For Belittling Junior Coworker

Power dynamics are an inbuilt feature of any office environment. When it comes down to it, we simply wouldn’t have enough bullsh*t jobs to go around if there weren’t supervisors, managers and other such senior people that exist to micromanage and crack the whip. 

Nonetheless, the work hierarchy isn’t always as clear as we might expect it to be. Sometimes, people aren’t as good as they should be at communicating with their colleagues. Other times, the power can go to their head in the most infuriating of ways. 

It’s often the newer and less experienced employees that bear the brunt of this kind of behavior, and it can easily upset people in a high stress environment. This seems to be what one man found out the hard way after posting on Reddit to complain about a junior in his company that he felt wasn’t pulling her weight. 

After getting increasingly frustrated at her approach to work differing from his expectations, he insulted her in a meeting. Understandably, she believed that this was an HR issue.