Why you should enrol today?”I really enjoyed this course! It was very informative and well researched. It gave detailed descriptions regarding all areas outlined in the objectives. The videos made the learning seem more interactive! The tasks were very beneficial and applicable to my future teaching practices!” – Dominique”I enjoyed the course as it was something I was interested in. I am glad there were videos as I find it hard to sit and read the text the whole time. When I asked for help I was able to have my question answered. The resources/ articles were awesome I will be keeping them to help for the future.” – Akala”This course has boosted my confidence and I look forward to implementing the techniques learned when I return to the classroom. I feel more enabled to confidently implement ICT in my future lesson planning.” – PennyThis course is for early childhood teachers in preschool and kindergarten, child care and early years elementary teachers. FREE EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER RESOURCES INSIDE – Click the free previewCourse ObjectiveYou will learn how to establish a starting point for a young childs ICT learning so that you can build on it by employing research based teaching strategies in early childhood to harness the potential of technology in Early Childhood Education. Teacher TakeawaysUnderstand the role of ICT in Early Childhood Education. Maximise formative assessment strategies in ICT activities, tasks and projects. Select developmentally appropriate ICT tools. Employ evidence based ICT teaching strategies to develop ICT capability in Early Childhood. Promote literacy, language and numeracy development with ICT. Encourage creative uses of ICT. Facilitate the progression of ICT capability in Early Childhood. Integrate ICT effectively in STEM activities. Be knowledgeable about safety concerns when using ICT. Reflect on your teaching and learning with ICT. Boost your confidence and competence in ICT integration. Implement a universal framework for inclusion with technology.