Teaching is one of the most important jobs in every society. As teachers, we are life changers and shapers of society. Teachers enable society in all aspects of human lives, they wield great influence in shaping opinion and thoughts in our generations. Teachers are the producers of a whole spectrum that is needed for nations to thrive from ordinary workers to other nation builders including leaders. In effect, we are what we are today, thanks to the teacher. However, studies have shown that teachers are highly valued in some countries, there are significant disparities in the way teachers are treated, rewarded and appreciated. 2007 OECD[User1] Report shows a strong positive correlation between the prosperity on a nation and the status of teachers or how well they are paid or treated. The fact that China and South Korea ranked among the highest on the Global Teacher Status Index coupled with Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea as places where teachers are best paid and looked after is no coincidence how these countries flourish and prosper economically. In effect where a nation values their teachers, it forms the basis for growing the human capital needed for development and prosperity. The good news is that the demand for teachers in these countries is prepared to take good care of teachers. There is an increase in demand for International Teachers from China, Middle-East. To those that are not in pursuit for just green pastures, there are opportunities around the globe that can be explored. That could be anything from voluntary work via non-governmental organisations and charities, to United Nations Agencies, Teacher Exchange programs, and so on. However, it is almost certain that not all teachers and teacher aspirants would like to leave the shores of their land and the value in acquiring International Teacher status can be equally phenomenal. However, their national value is undoubtedly enhanced both for progress and promotional prospects. In effect, this kind of status opens up opportunities not only beyond borders. Further exciting news is that with advancement in technology, there are increase in number of teachers that are being recruited to teach online and get paid and rewarded accordingly without leaving their homeland. For these to happen, it may not be enough to have just the basic teaching qualification at home and some local experience. One needs to consider a couple of steps that may enhance their qualification or experience. In some cases where there are no qualifications, several routes into teaching may be explored at home or through programs suggested in this course. This course is designed to:- Provide the learner with ideas and pathways towards national and international success in teaching as a career- Enhance the Teachers Curriculum DevelopmentIt is my hope that as learners go through this course they will discover the path that fits their purpose towards International Teaching or progression in their career.