Internet Tries to Predict What Generation Alpha Kids Will Judge Their Millennial Parents for Not Understanding in the Future

Millennials never get a break, huh? If it isn’t already hard being a new parent currently, the internet has another thing to add to your list of worries: What will your kids judge you for in the future. Will it be that we use cringe lingo like “doggo” and “adulting” or will it be something more severe like how we judge our boomer parents for destroying the planet? Hopefully, most millennial parents are trying to raise the generation Alpha kids with a more evolved philosophy and mindset—like at least raising their kids to be better tippers than the boomers. 

When it comes to teenagers, veteran parents already know, you will always reach a point where you just “don’t understand” them—whether that’s according to your kid or you just sincerely don’t understand them. That’s how it has been forever. Don’t you remember being a teenager and being so frustrated with your parents because they just don’t understand you or your generation! Well, millennials helped form the internet to what it is today and will continue to use it as a source, so right now new parents are using it as a source to try and figure out what their gen Apha kid will blame them for, before they even reach the age of mood adolescent. 

What do you think it will be? See what some people predicted below!