The Introduction to Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification course provides you with the basics of portfolio management standards as per the The Standard for Portfolio Management Third Edition which was published by Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2013. The Portfolio management certification is the highest recognized certification from the PMI, the project management institute. By end of August 2017, the number of certified Portfolio management professionals world-wide was only 4 hundred and sixty-one. The PfMP certification is targeting a niche market and elite professionals. This course simplifies the concepts of the portfolio management standards by developing charts that facilitate the concepts and eliminate the ambiguity. This course uses standard color coding for the three process groups and maintains the same colors for the sixteen portfolio management processes. This course shows the development stages for the five key deliverables and will pinpoint the relations between them. The course includes sample PfMP exam questions with their answers covered in two quizzes. If you are PfMP certified professional, after completing this course, you can claim 2 PDUs for your PfMP CCR program. The Introduction to Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification course includes the following sections: 1- PfMP Certification – Introduction This is an introduction for the whole course.2- Portfolio Management Fundamentals This section starts by covering the Portfolio Management Fundamentals including the definitions of Project, Program, Portfolio, and PMO. Then it elaborates more on the PMO to state the differences between the project management office, the program management office and the portfolio management office. It also describes the portfolio management in details and goes through the project management, program management, and operations management. This course explains the portfolio management process groups. 3- Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas This section illustrates the Portfolio Management Five Knowledge Areas and goes over the sixteen portfolio management processes across those five knowledge areas. 4- PfMP Certification Exam Information Finally, this section provides you with some basic information about the PfMP Certification Exam Information including the exam outlines, the exam question types and the real exam screen. Please, go ahead and enroll in this course.