(Note: This is a 1 hr recorded video course full of valuable coaching instruction, exercises and mindsets designed to create the ability to attract the lover of your desires. When you purchase this amazing class, you can watch it immediately and as many times as you need to solidify the teachings! Instructions to access this course will be sent via email under the Additional Information section of your confirmation email after you sign up. All you need is your computer/phone/tablet and a great internet connection!)Invitation to LoveHow to Get and Keep the Relationship of Your Dreams:5 Techniques to Get Out of Your Own Way and Stop Sabotaging Yourself-Have you ever found yourself connecting with someone youre interested in and moving in a positive direction with them, only for a weird twist of events to happen, and then out of nowhere your chances with this person cease to exist?Have you ever thought to yourself, This person is it. This is who I want to build my life with. Only to decide a few secs, minutes, hours, days, etc, later that youre over it because they picked their teeth in front of you or some other inane reason?Or are you currently in a relationship, but day in and day out you question whether or not it will last because you feel undeserving or not good enough for the person? Or perhaps you think that they are going to cheat on you, take advantage of you, or that they dont realize how good you are to them, etc, etc, etc. Chances are my dear, you are a relationship self-saboteur. Most of us, when self aware, can recognize these these patterns happening over and over again in our relationship dynamics. However, what many of us fail to know is what to do once we have understood we are stuck in these patterns. Well the good news is, if you are reading this, then you have already taken the first two steps to actualizing and keeping the relationship of your dreams: 1. Understanding that you have a problem and 2. Acknowledging that you need help. The third step comes when you begin taking actions to actually change the behavior. This is where this masterclass comes in. So here is what you will learn in this masterclass? What is self-sabotage and why do we do it?The definition of self-sabotage-2 key aspects to be aware of in relationship to self-sabotage-The underlying reasons one self-sabotages (Hint Its not what you might think)- What self-sabotage looks like and the various ways it can show up in your relationship- The most common thought patterns that relationship self-saboteurs have about themselves and others- The behaviors of a self-saboteur and the thought loops that are linked to these patternsIn addition, you will also learn:- 5 proven techniques guaranteed to stop self-sabotage in its tracks and rocket you towards a meaningful and fulfilling relationship- 3 powerful mindset shifts that can transform the way you think about yourself- Specific action steps that will change your self-image and create a sense of empowerment and control in your love life Bonus If youve read this far, chances are you have the desire to experience a meaningful relationship. However, the biggest of all factors in creating such relationships, is the relationship you have with yourself. I have been someone who has sabotaged myself many times in relationships. And it wasnt until I decided to take the necessary actions to change the way I relate to myself, that I began to see the dynamics within my relationships completely transform.I am currently experiencing the most fulfilling and enriching relationship that I could have ever imagined. I know for a fact that this manifestation would not have been possible if I had not gone through this process. And I am here to tell you that you can create this reality for yourself as well! Here are your choices, take that leap of faith into yourself and welcome profound and fulfilling love and connection into your life or continue doing the same things that you have before, and getting the same results. Its up to you to decide how things turn out. So if youre ready to claim what you want, this course is for you and I look forward to seeing you there! This course is perfect for you if:- If you do not want to settle for a mediocre love life- You are wanting to create and build sustaining and meaningful relationships- You are willing to invest in yourself to get what you deserve out of life- You are wanting/ready to change your life circumstancesThis course is not meant for you if:- You have a fixed mindset around self/other people’s ability to change- You have a victim mentality and are not willing to take responsibility for your own life/situations- You want a quick fix and are unwilling to do the do the work required to transform yourself and your relationships