It’s-A-Me, the Best Mario Gamer Memes to Power Up with for the ‘Super Mario Bros Movie’

The final trailer for the Super Mario Bros Movie was released and our bodies are ready. Whether you’re a millennial who is excited for this film for nostalgia reasons, or a newbie to the Mario universe and just love it, LET’S GOOOO! Yes, Chris Pratt was a weird choice for Mario, but Jack Black for Bowser, YES. He is not only already a millennial icon for his 90s/ early oughts niche show Tenacious D and, how can we forget the classic film School of Rock. So he truly is the reason this movie is going to be a HIT to all millennials no matter what. So, we are gathered her today, to remember why we love the Mario games and to think back on all the good times we had playing them. So eat some mushrooms, power up, and let’s have a good chuckle together to these funny Mario memes. We’ll see you guys on the other side of the Rainbow Road.