Japanese Guy Baffles Twitter with Heartfelt Travel Blog About Wisconsin

It’s easy to take things for granted once we’re used to them, especially when it comes to places to live. If you’ve lived in the same town for years, or maybe even all your life, it can be hard to look on all the sights, sounds, and local stereotypes with fresh eyes.

This is one of the reasons that in moderation, tourism can be a good thing. Get in a few people who are hyped to be wherever random place you live and it doesn’t just give back to the economy, it also shows us a different side to some of the things that we see as normal. 

Americans have recently been introduced to a perfect example of this via @georgejapan02, who decided to share his unbridled enthusiasm for his visit to the state of Wisconsin with the internet. Once the whole thing hit Twitter, people were blown away by how much he seemed to enjoy his stay. So much for the idea of flyover states!