Over the past decade I have documented amazing stories of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who succeeded in reversing their symptoms. The good news is that people do recover. The bad news is that more people have not succeeded in reversing their symptoms, Why not? They focus on healing from the outside-in rather than the inside-out. This course cuts to the core of what it takes to launch a successful journey down the road to recovery from Parkinson’s disease. Healingfrom the inside-out places primary emphasis on identifying and treating thecause of symptoms, not on simply suppressing symptoms with medications and supplements. Are you interested in. Finding the cause of Parkinson’s symptoms using free methods that require no appointments with doctors?Addressing the cause of symptoms with therapies that facilitate healing from the inside-out rather than the outside-in? Removing roadblocks that obstruct recovery from the get-go?Taking full control over your program of recovery? After a decade of research to identify the factors that cause Parkinson’s symptoms and the therapies that help to reverse them, I have concluded there are five fundamental reasons why recovery is hijacked. Primary focus is on suppressing symptoms, not finding and treating causes. Negative thinking and false beliefs stymie the process of recovery. Trauma wreaks havoc on the neurological system to create persistent stress. . Entanglements in family systems stifle recovery. Exposure to toxins persists. Through the Jump Start to Recovery course you will: Discover for yourself what is causing your Parkinson’s symptoms. Transform thoughts that facilitate and support the recovery process. Release trauma that feeds your symptoms. Identify and unravel entanglements in your family that stymie recoveryLocate and eliminate exposure to toxins that provoke symptoms. Forty-five students were enrolled in Jump Start to Recovery during November which doubled the enrollment. I invite you to join with them on a successful journey down the road to recovery. Be sure to scroll down the course so you can view the many videos that are accessible and free for everyone to watch – students and non-students alike. Jump Start to Recovery helps persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease take full control over their own recovery. I put you firmly in the driver’s seat and provide your with all the tools you need to make recovery happen. Jump Start to Recovery offers 24 hours of instructional videos on how to identify the causes of symptoms, transform thoughts, release traumas, unravel entanglements in your family and eliminate exposure to toxins. Jump Start to Recovery focuses on precisely what needs to happen to launch a successful program of recovery from Parkinson’s disease. Also included are downloads of my books: Seven Secrets to Healing, What is Wrong with Me? Language of Recovery and the Parkinsons Recovery Mindfulness Series. In addition, each of the course modules includes PDFs of instructional materials, audio recordings that explain key concepts and links to relevantvideos. This course has been fully updated as of May 6, 2016.No question from a student is left unanswered. Enrollment and lifetime access to the course comes with my personal guarantee of a 30 day, full money back guarantee – no questions asked. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by jumping on board with a fresh approach to recovery that puts you in the driver’s seat.