Jurassic Park Memes For Dinosaur Fiends

I wish that Jurassic Park was real. I know that the whole conceit of the first movie is that having a theme park with real dinosaurs in it would be kind of bad, but I can’t help it! Theme parks need to step up the level of danger they’re exposing their guest to. Nothing is thrilling about a wooden roller coaster that has killed only one or two people. That’s amateur hour. I want to be sitting in a jeep with a dinosaur peering into my window. I want that level of danger from my themed attractions. I do not want to go to Dinoland USA, the dinky carnival-themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We need to find a middle group between Dinoland USA and being murdered by a prehistoric animal. That is the ideal theme park for me. If you’re a Jurassic Park fan happy with just watching the movies and not visiting the park, these dino-tastic memes might make you smile.