Karen Attacks Hotel Worker For Drinking at a Bar After Work

What you do outside of work hours is your business. No customer, parent, or boss should have any say in what you do when you’re off the clock. I feel bad for people with highly scrutinized professions, like teachers, who need to drive an hour away to feel comfortable going to a bar. So many parents expect teachers to be more moral than them, even when the teachers are nowhere near their kids. It’s a highly unrealistic expectation that shouldn’t be projected onto anybody. 

Teachers aren’t the only people who get shamed for having the audacity to drink a beer at a bar. It seems that anyone with a public-facing job can get shamed and criticized for trying to be a human being outside of work hours. One hotel desk clerk was spotted by a Karen after his shift at a local college bar, and she made some bogus complaints to the hotel about this sighting.