Kevin Hart Reaction Memes From the Silliest Corners of Twitter

Say what you will about Kevin Hart, but it would be a damn lie to claim he’s boring. The actor/comedian seems to have a visceral effect on most people, whether positive or not. Just the other day I jokingly suggested watching a dumb movie starring the funnyman, and my friend gave me a look of disgust that would be difficult to replicate. With the effect he has on people, it’s not terribly surprising that he would be the star of a recent meme trend on Twitter. 

According to Know Your Meme the trend of using Kevin Hart as a reaction began in January 2023, but escalated in February when @WannaBeReece went viral after expressing their love for it. After that, the rest was history: users started using Kevin Hart to depict almost any situation, relatable, annoying, or otherwise. While we can hardly claim to have collected the bulk of these prolific memes, we have snatched up some of our favorites to share with you. Thanks to all the tweets, we can actually say the dude is growing on us. No height pun intended.