“”My kidsabsolutelylove Paideia. Brian and Beau keep it fun, and my kids are always showing me new moves. I honestly didn’t think I’d be learning more than they are.”- Jennifer D, Seattle WAThis course is designed for kids (boys and girls)ages 5-10No experience necessaryThe course is based on anon-militant-style, Christianphilosophy (e.g. no eye gouges or curb stomps)The content is easy-going, fun, andsimple enough to remember, Weencourage parent involvement to help build your relationship with your childAs with any physical activity, please consult a physician prior to adopting a self defense programKalos Agon (KA) is a highly effective self defense system founded on the principles of the Christian faith. The system incorporates grappling, striking, street fight survival philosophy, and weapons training.