The program includesIntroduction to Banking & Finance IndustryValue ($70)Overview of how the Banking & Finance Industry functions, walk-through of different types of financial institutions & innovation in the space to build foundational knowledge around banking and finance concepts. Not just that, you get information about which thought-leaders to follow & podcasts, books and blogs to read to develop industry-wide knowledge. Banking & Finance in Action across the GlobeValue ($112)Alongside strengthening your financial basics, well walk you through case studies from the likes of Morgan Stanley, Uber and Emirates NBD to understand Banking & Finance Operations and acquaint you with real life examples and conceptual knowledge in action. Interviews with Industry ProfessionalsValue ($270)Interviews with other UAE graduates like you who made it big in the financial industry from different organizations- MNCs and start-ups. This gets you insights into what firms are looking for in graduates, how to ace different recruitment rounds, what working in finance is really like and what to expect at the workplace. Living the ProfessionValue ($149)Right from review of job descriptions and understanding what employers are looking for in different roles across Investment banking, retail banking, internal finance, private equity and accounting to information on Career Trajectory, what to expect in a day in your life in the profession and how to customize your CV for different roles. Ace the Application & Interview PrepValue ($199)Lowdown on which soft skills and technical skills you should develop and a path to start your career in the field and differentiate your job applications. We are answering 40+ interview questions that are asked by top firms to you for interviews and remove the ambiguity around what to expect in different recruitment rounds. Course Handouts & Revisiting Financial ConceptsValue ($99)Handouts on how to tailor your CV, overview of financial concepts & statements, using Microsoft Excel for financial analysis, knowledge bundle with information about podcasts to hear, influencers to follow and books to read to build you personality and get acquainted with the industry and more! TOTAL COURSE VALUE: $899THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF. YOU WANT TO DISCOVER How To Finally Land a High-Paying Job in Banking And Finance FASTYOU WANT TO BUILD A Powerful Portfolio To Help You Ace That Interview And Application ProcessYOU WANT TO UNCOVER Proven Ways To Create a Successful Career in the Banking And Finance Industry