Landlord Hassles Tenant For Having a Spare Tire in His Garage

Landlords: you can’t live with them and I wish we could live without them, but most of us can’t. I’m lucky that I haven’t had any horrible landlord experiences yet, but I’m sure one is on the horizon. From the horror stories I’ve heard, I’m confident that at least 50% of landlords are fully incompetent at their jobs, and that honestly sounds like a generous estimate.

In the tradition of horrible landlord stories, Buzzfeed writer Tim Unkenholz shared a painfully hilarious exchange he had with his landlord on Twitter. While on vacation, his landlord expressed major distress at the sight a spare tire in his garage. What a scandal. The landlord, saved as the contact name “Mike Landlord,” didn’t seem to be mad at Unkenholz’s tires for any safety reasons. He appeared to be angry solely at the sight of the tires. That black circular rubber being in Mike Landlord’s field of vision sent him into a blind rage. Unkenholz shared this interaction to Twitter, and users had some differing responses to the landlord’s demands.