Lawyer Memes For All the Real-Life Elle Woods

Do you ever see somebody in your life going to law school and get genuinely worried that they’re only doing it because they were inspired by Legally Blonde? This has happened to me a non-zero number of times. I don’t have these concerns because I don’t think blonde women are capable of mastering the legal profession. However, after one too many Elle Woods quotes posted on their Instagram story while studying for the LSATs, I got a little concerned. 

Being a lawyer is really difficult. It’s not all about getting revenge on your old money ex-boyfriend for breaking up with you for a woman with a bob. It’s not about getting your nails done at Jennifer Coolidge’s Boston nail salon. I wish the legal world was more about solving murders with your knowledge of hair perms, but it is not. These legal memes might give you a better idea of what being a lawyer is really like than that iconic Reese Witherspoon film.