Have you wanted to get better at creating music and not known where to start? I aim to focus on beginner and intermediate levels in this course for FL Studio 20. In this course you will have a full guide on using FL Studio. Starting with the basics such as getting around the interface, learning keyboard shortcuts, tips & tricks to boost your creativity / workflow and all the way to creating your first track! I will go over my previously created and successful tracks in detail to give you an idea of what is required to make it. I have been creating music with FL Studio for the last 6 years and release music under the alias MGR 7TH. Over these years I have gained knowledge through many sources such as YouTube producers, SoundCloud productions, Facebook groups etc. but most importantly, trial and error with a lot of rejection along the way from peers and Record Labels. I will show you ways to promote your music with links to some sources I like to use too. The main genres covered in this course are Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass, Drum & Bass and General EDM. Gain access to all these royalty free benefits:A FREE FLP of a track I released with Bass Rebels (I use Sylenth1 in the FLP & it is for educational purposes ONLY)24 Sylenth1 Presets37 Vocal FX77 Sound FX10 KicksOn top of this you can find FREE FLPs on my YouTube channel of projects I have previously released or ones that I felt weren’t quite good enough! If you have additional questions about the course then don’t hesitate to send me a message or email I will be happy to answer!