Whether youre happy or you feel in a funk, the truth is that life gets a whole lot better as soon as you fill it with meaning. That means finding your lifes purpose. Finding the thing that youre passionate about. And then focusing on that. In this course I will take you through the process of learning “Why Finding Your Purpose Changes Everything”, how to find more meaning in life. You will learn the importance of positive social interaction and how to manage social exchanges.I will help you “Learn What You Stand For” and then how to conduct your life in harmony with your principles. There is much, much more so let’s get started! Or, if you not quite ready consider this: Do you ever feel as though you are just going through the motions? Do you ever feel as though youre drifting through life without ever really getting any sense of inspiration, engagement, or excitement? Does life sometimes feel like a series of uninteresting chores?Or perhaps youre perfectly happy and comfortable but you rarely feel challenged or excited. Maybe you spend most of your evenings on the sofa watching TV. Or even out at the corner bar with friends. Maybe you spend your whole life picking up after your children. What will you be leaving behind when youre gone? What is your great impact?Look at people like Albert Einstein, like Newton, like Picasso, like Mozart, the Beatles, Usain Bolt, like Winston Churchill, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Shakespeare, and like Mother Teresa. Now look at your own life. Is there a bit of a stark difference?Now you might argue that of course youre no Einstein. Youre not a musical prodigy or a record breaking athlete. It would be overblown to think that you could ever approach the success of any of these historical figures or world-class celebrities. But does that really mean you need to spend your time just passing time?And are you really happy that way? Or do you feel on some level as though there are better uses of your time?Give this course the 30 day challenge – jump in and in 30 days you aren’t sure you want to improve then ask for your money back. See, I am confident that if you just learn what you stand for you are on a path that will change you for the good.