‘Leave your phone here and go be present’: Ad for Fancy Phone Prison Gets Mocked by Twitter

If you’re the owner of any kind of mobile device, the likelihood is that you’re unhealthily attached to it. I make a point of not depressing myself by checking my screen time, but let’s just say I get genuinely upset when I put my phone down somewhere and forget where it is. 

Ultimately, there are millions of us out there who would feel a lot better about ourselves if we detoxed from our screens every so often. The people who make ridiculous, QVC ready inventions are of course right on hand to create an unnecessarily complex invention for such a thing, as evidenced by Aro ⁠— a subscription for a container you can put your phone in when you want to stop looking at it.

The promotion of this glorified lockbox has been mercilessly roasted on Twitter, with everything from its advertising to the actual concept coming under fire. A bunch of in denial screen addicts were never going to be that sympathetic to something like this, especially when it’s something you could figure out how to do for free.