‘Let’s go girls!’: Funniest Shania Twain Memes That Will Impress You Much

If a switch doesn’t flip when you hear “let’s go girls” then something is most definitely wrong with you… Oh, so you own a car? AND you’re Brad Pitt/ a rocket scientist? PleaseeEEeeEeee. That don’t impress the country pop icon, Shania Twain much. You know, come to think of if, what does impress the great pop-country singer? Is she impressed by anything? What kind of boring existence it must be to a life where nothing impresses you… Just kidding! Shania Twain definitely gets impressed by these memes! She’s the one who makes fans go crazy with just the words “let’s go girls!.” She even created a country/pop music dis track that went straight for Brad Pitt’s neck. It was absolutely hilarious and a banger. And STILL is a banger to this day. If you say you can read “that don’t impress me much” NOT to the tune of the famous Shania Twain hit, then you would be a liar. Now let’s go girls and enjoy these Shania Twain memes!