Literature Memes For Real Readers

As a former English major, I feel like I can easily scope out a “fake fan” of literature. I don’t care to do so on a regular basis because I have a life and a job, but put a so-called bookworm in front of me and I can scope out their vibe in less than a minute. 

If you are still clinging to your childhood literary interests, you’re a fake reading fan. If you, at the big girl age of 25, are willing to bring up that you completed the Eragon series within a months time, then you are an embarrassment and an affront to the literate community.

Being a former 10-year-old who read at a college level has no interest to me whatsoever, but if as an adult you take time, limited as it might be, to read something that’s not Harry Potter, you are as real of a reader as anyone else.