Lustful Woman Develops Crush on Friend’s Boyfriend, Decides to Confess to Her

Most of us have been attracted to people we shouldn’t be at one point or another. It could be that co-worker you never thought about the same after a weird dream, or that cute friend who who’s been in a relationship since forever. While these things may be taboo, the forbidden nature of them can make those feelings even stronger. 

Still, most of us have the decency to try and process these emotions privately. The majority of the time, admitting them will end in tears and drama (or getting laid, then a hell of a lot more tears and drama). However, that was something that didn’t cross the mind of one Redditor, who took to the platform to ask if she was wrong to confess to her friend that she had a huge crush on her boyfriend. 

While the friend in question reacted graciously, other Redditors were inclined to be less sympathetic. It sounds like she cared much more about the man than her friendship.