Luxury Gym Equinox Bans “New Years Resolutioners” From Joining On January 1st

There is a lot of hostility towards some people pursuing a New Years’ Resolution. It’s a widely accepted view that lazy people use the new year as an excuse to work on themselves when they would never have otherwise. I don’t completely agree with that; I think there are a lot of achievable goals you can set during this time of the year, but not all New Years’ Resolutions are created equally. Some people set too high expectations for themselves, which leads o a lot of quitting. This especially applies to radical changes in diet and exercise. Many people try to exercise at the gym during January and fall off by March, and this is a known fact by all regular gym goers. 

The luxury gym Equinox responded to this phenomenon by banning anyone from joining on January 1st of the new year. They claimed that joining a gym for the new year is fundamentally opposed to their values as a company. While some praised this decision, others thought it was a corny way to lose money.