If you are entrepreneurs, freelancers, students or trying to start a business, this course is for you! Make the difference on the market by understanding and using the Business Model Canvas. How will you do that? By improving significantly the way you think and do businessBy freeing your mind leaning on a powerful toolBy getting a bird and 360 view of your business and your working axisStart the journey today ass you’ll need ABSOLUTELY nothing but good sense! I’ll teach and explain allnotions. Here’s the course outline1. Why to writea Business Model down?Understand the 360 degree vision allowed by the Business Model Canvas2. Customer segments Make the difference by identifying the right segment3. Value proposition Create, establish and use a perscussive value proposition4. ChannelsIdentify the most communication, sales and distribution channels for your business5. Revenue streams Set up the best way to make money according to your business specificities6. Key ressources Identify the essential ressources for your business and maximize their use7. Key activities Discover, understand and deploy your efforts on activities that make the difference8. Key partnerships Identify very accurately who you have to (should) work with to make the difference on the market9. Cost structureIdentify and manage the main cost generator items in their model10. The big thingMake the 9 building blocks work for one and only goal: your success