Man Builds Cozy Treehouse to Post on AirBnB and Earns Enough to Quit His Job (LOOK)

​The Treehouse – Airbnb

Keen to quit his day job, a West Virginian has built a quaint, beautifully furnished treehouse for Airbnb.

It will pair with his other, rather unorthodox listing, a cabin made out of a converted school bus.

A treehouse is without question one of the most fairy tale places to sleep, as an adult or certainly as a child. Will Sutherland always wanted to build one on his four-acre property in between two beautiful trees he found growing near the ledge of a large boulder subsumed by the landscape.

It took him six months, but with the promise of a hospitality-fueled mini-retirement, he managed it all by himself.

“I carried up every piece of wood, every piece of floor, the roof trusses, the floor trusses, and the big quad beam. I also sourced a bunch of cedar logs from a friend who was having a house built. I have a sawmill at my house so that I could mill all the cedar for the siding,” Sutherland told Business Insider. 

When at first he pitched the idea of a treehouse Airbnb, his wife Sabrina said that as long as Will built a second bathroom, she was all in on the idea.

With his previous Airbnb, the “skoolie,” visitors had to enter the house to use their bathroom since there was none on the bus.

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“Sabrina helped me with some of the details, like the floor finishing and trimming some boards. She was by my side every day when she got home from working as an arboretum specialist at the Virginia State Arboretum,” Will said.

The popularity of the school bus rental rose so fast that he increased the price to reflect the demand four separate times, going from just $39.00 a night to as much as $120.00. The treehouse is much the same, and Sutherland hauls in around $50,000 a year between the two.

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Will and Sabrina basically live in a small community back in the woods, since the two places are booked almost year-round. Whenever Will has a spare moment he quickly mows the lawn and runs the sawmill that he relied on to build the treehouse to cut wood for himself and the guests.

The luxury outhouse which the guests of both rentals use has been rated a 5-star crapper, and the lack of flushing toilets and running showers right next to their bedroom has been a welcome change for the happily married couple who now have much more time to spend together now that Will has quit his day job.

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