Man Rates Horrifying Home Cooked Meals That His Homie Sends To The Group Chat

Cooking is a vital life skill that all of us should do our best to pick up the basics of at some point. However, not everybody is blessed with a sophisticated palate, or the natural talent of a renowned head chef. 

No matter how much somebody enjoys cooking, we all have our off days when we want something low effort. Occasionally we just want to get home from work, stick the first edible-looking thing we find in the microwave, and nearly burn our mouths by shoving it in our pie holes. 

For some people, though, that’s what they do every day. There are certain individuals out there who are constantly breaking new ground with the culinary creations that they manage to cook for themselves, and not in a good way. Case in point is a friend of @Owen_1906, who has been terrorizing the group chat with some truly specialist meals. These are plates that a mother especially wouldn’t love, because who eats spaghetti with ketchup?