This beginner level trauma informed breathing and yoga course is geared specifically for people who are recovering from a traumatic event in their lives. Using video, audio and PDF’s, this course teaches 2 simple and proven styles of effective breathing practices which may help improve mood, decrease anxiety and depression, and may help practitioners mange Post Traumatic Stress by toning the nervous system. This class teaches beginner level yoga postures and offers a guided relaxation which may help to reduce physical tension and emotional suffering. -mindful breath techniques -beginner level yoga sequences (does require getting up and down off the floor, but may be skipped) -take time to rest, renew and restorewhile practicing self care -build trust -gain confidence -improved mood -enhanced sleep -develop conscious clarity and self awareness Trauma informed breathing and yoga practices may help you feel more at ease in your mind and body. Has someone recommended you try yoga? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you ever feel like you’re a bit lost or overwhelmed with life? Do you want some me time? This short course sets the stage for self compassion, self respect, and self awareness and may help to open the door for the next level of your personal healing journey to happen. This course was created out of an intention to offer a simple, self compassionate breathing and yoga course which most anyone who is able to get up and down from the floor can try. While the content in this course isnt complicated, or too long, it may not be easy. If you are wanting to move slow and mindfully and with your breath, and to work with the intuition of healing, this is the place for you. With trauma comes emotional and often, physical pain. This class is unique in that it is targeting the parts of ourselves needing time, space and attention to recover. We all have traumas in our lives and we all respond differently. This compassionate course is useful for the times when we need a little extra support and prefer to practice in the privacy of our own space. Unhealthy coping mechanisms such as abusing food, excessive drinking, dangerous drugs, over-excercising, overspending, will never be enough to rebuild or sustain our vitality. We all need to practice cultivating self awareness to help create personal healing. In this class you will spend time exploring breath techniques and you will move consciously with respect for your body. You will benefit physically and emotionally by taking time to nurture yourself. At the end of this course you may feel relaxed, centered and more mindful.