Manager Blows Up After Three Employees Hand In Notice On Same Day, Encouraging Fourth To Quit

The best thing for employees about many jobs is that we have the freedom to quit them if things aren’t going well. For employers, on the other hand, this can become a logistical nightmare. For the most part, things like notice periods and resignation letters are simply matters of common courtesy, but with the way that some places can treat them, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re a much bigger deal. It’s ironic that it’s only when a worker voluntarily leaves a job that they are shown their true value to the company.

However, this doesn’t always happen in the friendliest of ways. This has recently been illustrated by an email shared on r/antiwork, revealing a rant from a manager incensed by the fact that three employees had handed in their notice on the same day. Not only did they blame these workers for having to miss their children’s band recital, they claimed that in retaliation, they were raising the notice period to three months, and the decreasing the rate of pay when leaving to $6 an hour.

The result was that u/notsatans, the staff member who posted the email, decided that they were also ready to quit. Not surprisingly, Redditors were fully in support of the decision — and they had some choice words for the supervisor, too. It’s almost as if when you want to run a business that retains its staff, you have to incentivize them.