Manager Roasted For Denying Promised Vacation Time To New Hire

The one thing that stops 90% of the working population from packing it in and retreating under a bridge like a troll is that we can go on vacation. There’s nothing like spending a couple of weeks somewhere where things like deadlines and bosses don’t matter to trick you into thinking that it’s worthwhile the other fifty weeks of the year.

Because of this, it can become a contentious topic in the workplace. It’s all too common to feel guilty when requesting holiday time from our jobs, and that’s before dealing with the stress of whether or not your request gets accepted.

It can lead people to extremes, as u/Artistic-Comment20 had the misfortune of finding out. After hiring a woman who was clear on some non-refundable vacation plans that she had around the same time she started, she ended up quitting when they refused to accommodate them. 

While it might be a difficult situation for a supervisor to be in, many were not impressed with how things had been handled. After all, there are a scary amount of people out there with little to look forward to apart from their next break.