This is not another financial course that tells you to save all your money, limit your spending, and put into a 401k. It goes a lot deeper than that. If you were told Godly people cant be rich, its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, or you dont make enough money to save and invest, and nobody ever taught you how to create wealth, then this book is for you. God has set principles for the universe to function, but did you know that He also has principles put in place to gain success? Everything He created was made to thrive! The sun shines, plants grow, birds fly, EVERYTHING is made to succeed. You and I are made in Gods image, so we are also wonderfully created to succeed in each facet of our lives, including our finances. If you want to be financially free, build wealth, and live life without the worry of having enough for retirement, this course will help you discover Gods design to: Build an abundance mindset Improve your overall financial IQ Learn how to command your money and have it work for you Get out of debt, save properly, use credit correctly and invest wisely Start using money like the wealthy Plus, learn what schools dont want us to know and gain a deeper understanding of wealthIts time to use the laws of God to learn how to break free from the rat race and become financially free