Melbourne TikTokers Spark Endless Memes and Debate With Fitzroy Garage Party

You know what the kids these days like even more than having a good time? Making sure that social media knows they are totally having a good time. Those cringey “we live in a society” type memes kind of have a point when it comes to some people not knowing how to live in the moment. 

Filming your friends at a party and putting it on the internet isn’t the most heinous thing that you could do. However, it does expose you to the risk of going viral. For whatever reason, the Fitzroy Garage Party cracked the tricky TikTok algorithm.  It’s not that much to look at — it’s just a series of videos showing some dudes drinking and getting up to some slightly staged-looking hijinks in a famously gentrified suburb of Melbourne.

For some reason, though, it became impossible to people to escape. Never mind if they weren’t in the social circle of these guys, or didn’t live in the city, or even Australia, the garage sesh became an immortal, inescapable thing that soon became ripe for criticism and memes.

The boys shown at the party got made fun of for the vibes they were giving off (think private school, questionable music taste, and even more questionable haircuts) and numerous parody versions soon popped up. The get together certainly doesn’t look like everybody’s version of paradise, but at least some of the memes about it were amusing.