Memes & Screenshots From the Mildly Cursed World of Roblox

The internet can be a strange and dark place, and nowhere is this more evident than deep within the weird world of online gaming. At first glance, a game like Roblox looks like a cute, harmless kids game where you get to be a Lego man. And while Roblox is a popular and beloved platform, like many other online communities, it can also be a place where gamers do a little trolling. This type of behavior is often referred to as “griefing” and can take many forms, from verbal harassment to sabotaging other players’ gameplay experience. With players competing fiercely for in-game resources and bragging rights, it’s not uncommon for trolls to thrive, always looking to violently disrupt whatever their fellow gamers are up to. Whether it’s building fake in-game shops or luring unsuspecting players into traps, these trolls are the masters of deceit and mischief. It’s not as toxic as it might sound, however, as many Roblox players have developed a dark sense of humor around trolling. There are entire subreddits dedicated to showcasing the most hilarious and inventive ways that trolls have disrupted gameplay. Of course, for those on the receiving end of trolling and griefing, it can be a maddening experience, but for those looking for a good laugh, it’s hard to beat the absurdity of the Roblox trolling scene. We’ve collected some of our favorite Roblox screenshots and shitposts from r/GoCommitDie, a subreddit dedicated to Roblox’s cursed side.