Memes That Flounce And Flutter All Over The Room

We’re a couple of days into the new year, and I, for one, feel good about it! I’m less shocked about it being 2023 than I am about it being 10 years since 2013. It feels like just yesterday I was watching the news with my mom when Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping!

I was doing a lot of community theatre in 2013; one of the musicals I participated in was The Wizard of Oz. I did not play Dorothy, the Tin Man, or even Auntie Em. Instead, I wore many different morph suits and played various background characters. 2013 was the golden age of the morph suit, and our production took full advantage of that. We played trees in brown morph suits and moved the farmhouse to Oz in black morph suits. The worst part was playing the magical poppies that Dorothy and Co fell asleep on. We wore white morph suits and green capes with poppy flowers on them. If you’ve never worn one before, white morph suits are some of the worst for visibility, so I could not see a thing. Your body is not well hidden while wearing a white morph suit, which was pretty humiliating for a teenage girl. No matter how poorly 2023 goes, at least I’m not back in 2013 lying on the floor, blinded by the white and singing with the poppies.