Memes To Improve Your Street Cred

There’s nothing more humiliating than being behind the trend when you’re a kid. I might not have had the trendiest clothes or the most fabulous car at my high school, but I knew my memes better than anyone. I was on top of the meme game, and nobody could deny it. I would take any popular meme trend that came about as an opportunity to make jokes about my school on Twitter. I was monitoring meme trends like a hawk and pouncing on them with immaculate timing before I became a meme professional. Memes helped me connect with people who I would’ve never talked to otherwise. Memes are a shockingly recent form of communication that will likely be in use long after we are gone! In short, memes are awesome! If you want to use memes to connect with the people in your life or to boost your street cred, these memes are for you.