Memes To Pass Around The Nursing Home in 2070

You won’t be young forever. Growing old is a blessing; if you can live for another 50 or 60 years, you’re a lucky duck. Even though it’s better to get old than die young, getting old is not very fun. You get achier and sicker as the years go on, and even worse than that, you become an old fogey. Like it or not, someday, we will be those geriatrics yelling at kids to get off our lawn. It has already started happening with millennials making snarky songs about how they hate Gen Z and their side parts. We will all become cringe eventually! 

Someday, we will be sitting around thinking about this era of memes. We won’t be on the pulse of the newest online happenings forever, and it’ll be nice to look back at the golden age of memes. If you’re in the mood for some future nostalgia that is wholly unrelated to Dua Lipa, these memes will remind you of the now.