Memes To Scroll Through While You’re Loitering In The Bathroom

Let’s be honest…during the holiday season, you can’t be expected to hang out with your family all day, every day. You need to balance your time together wisely, so you don’t end up extremely annoyed with each other by the end of Boxing Day. My family is not one to insist we spend every second of every day together during this time, but I know some families do just that. There are many ways to avoid going crazy if you’re a member of one of those families. First of all, you can take the infamous “cousin walk.” That will definitely chill you out and make the passage of time a lot less long. If you can’t do that, the second best option is to burrow in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes. If you’re trying to get away from your family as we speak, these memes are a great way to pass the time.