Memes, Tweets, and Tumblr Posts Filled With Humor and Truth

Do you ever stop and take the time to think about memes? I mean, really think about them. It’s kind of surreal how memes just exploded onto the scene. I remember a time before I was sharing memes with friends, but I can’t tell you exactly when it was. Way back then I spent all my allotted internet time on Neopets and MySpace instead of collecting shitposts for my friends and the likes of you. I would play Sissyfight and sneak into chat rooms and talk to peers who were probably, in actuality, balding middle-aged men. I’d do all of this with constant interruption from my family’s shitty dial up internet going out every few minutes. 

These days, the internet is much, much faster, and thanks to memes, much funnier. Not a day goes by without giggling at my desk about some inane shitpost someone shared on Reddit. It’s easy to take memes for granted. But you know what? We shouldn’t.