Mental Health Memes For Those Fighting Demons

One of the most popular memes about the phrase “fighting demons” goes as follows; Dudes be like, “I’m fighting demons,” and the demons are bisexuality. While there is a lot of truth to that statement, dudes and gals alike are fighting all sorts of demons that extend far beyond struggling with their sexualities. Mental illness is so prominent within our society, and it’s important that we support everybody putting up a good fight against their demons. 

My demons used to be that I had negative thoughts about myself all the time, but I literally beat those demons to the ground and threw them in the Olentangy river. Before that, my demons were that I felt insecure in basically every friendship I was a part of and thought they would abandon me. At this point, I feel like those demons, in particular, are mostly squished. While new demons are always coming into our lives, it’s important to look back on and remember the ones we’ve already successfully overcome. If you’re fighting demons presently, these mental health memes might make the fight just that much funnier.