Messed Up Food We Wouldn’t Touch at a Potluck

As a food lover, I’m well aware that taste is usually more important than the “look” of a dish. There are plenty of foods that look a lot less appetizing they actually are. The split pea soup I made a couple of days ago, for example, looks like a trough of chunky, yet pasty vomit. Hot dogs don’t really look all that hot, and lord knows I’ve seen more than a few chilis that resemble loose stools rather than a flavorful, pepper-filled dish. 

The thing is, some people seem to go out of their way to create abominable “recipes” that either hurt the eye, look like they’d hurt the stomach or both. The @fuckedupfoods Twitter account is a pain-filled treasure trove of messed-up food pics. There are some that seem so horrible it’s intentional, and then others that could only be created by accident, or thanks to someone’s stupidity (or lack of palate). Feast your eyes on the failures. The impending lack of appetite might help you check off some of those New Year’s resolutions.