Midwest Memes For Midwesterners Struggling Through The Winter

It’s difficult for me to tell when something is unique to the midwest or if it’s something everybody does. Sure, vocal tics like “ope” are stereotypically midwestern, but I find it hard to believe this is solely a feature of that region. I don’t think I’d be laughed out of the room in New York or Texas if I said, “I’m just going to squeeze right past you,” but most non-midwesterners would opt for a simple, “excuse me” (or “pardon me” in Texas). One thing that I cannot stand by is the assertion that putting all of your plastic bags into another bag is uniquely midwestern. It is not. Literally, every culture in every region across the United State puts their grocery bags into a larger bag, and I will not stand by this bold-faced lie any longer. 

If there’s anything midwesterners can claim, it’s horrible winter weather. No other region in the lower 48 states does winter, like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the rest of the gang. If you need some midwestern memes to get you through these cold and difficult times, I’ve got you, buddy.