Millennial Employee Shares the Downright HURTFUL Things His Gen Z Co-Workers Have Said to Him During Meetings

TOXIC. CANCELLED. We know we’ve been very supportive of how millennials and Gen Z are transforming the toxic tyrannical work environment, but THIS is just too far. How does anybody not know what Mean Girls is?! Nope. Illegal. 

In all seriousness, it’s epic how millennials and Gen-Z are working together to make having a career a more substantial, survivable, and enjoyable life choice. It’s even better that they have created an environment together where they can tease each other. But recently, a millennial employee shared some of these just downright HURTFUL things his Gen Z employees have said during meetings, and man, do they burn. 

Apparently, Gen Z isn’t familiar with the cinematic masterpiece Mean Girls. They also think Myspace is fake because we had to code our pages ourselves. And they don’t understand why we download music because obviously Spotify has been around forever, right??? LOL Anyways, gonna go cry in millennial now. See what these Gen Z employees said to their millennial co-worker below, and see how other millennials reacted.