Millennial Grade School Teacher Asks His Gen-Z/ Gen-Alpha Students 90’s-2000’s Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Their Responses Hurt

Welp, if you’re a millennial and you weren’t already feeling old, buckle up, baby, because you’re about to. A millennial teacher who is already viral on TikTok for other reasons, started asking his 5th grade students questions about the 90’s and early 2000’s and they… Well, let’s just say they don’t even know who Jerry Springer is… Like, what??? The only question one of the students was able to answer correctly was that Lizzie McGuire was played by Hilary Duff. Other than that, they have no idea what a walkman is, they can’t name ONE Spice Girl, and they can’t even say who “Loose Yourself” is by! Like, that last one just feels wrong to me. Eminem is still relevant! Right?! Right… Dang, us millennials are vintage now. Anyways, if you can handle the burn from these Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha students, feel free to check out some of the RIDICULOUS responses these young students had to these questions. One said a walkman was a stick… A STICK?!