Miracle Rescue as Missing Skier Buried by Avalanche with Only One Arm Showing Flags Down Helicopter (WATCH)

​Video by Mathieu Lambert / SWNS

This is the incredible moment a missing backcountry skier buried under snow was able to wave down a rescue chopper with only his one arm sticking out.

The video, shot by paramedic Mathieu Lambert, shows the man desperately waving with his only free limb as the helicopter hovered above, while shining a light on the mountain.

The young man, who has not been named, had been ski touring in the Lidairdes region of Switzerland when an avalanche hit.

His family alerted rescue services when he didn’t return on time.

Air Glaciers, a rescue and transport company, received the alert at 5:41 pm on February 8 and dispatched a helicopter with a paramedic and two rescue guides.

After checking the parking lot where the man had started his journey to ensure that he had not returned to his car, the team began flying over the route he had provided his family.

The team eventually located visible ski tracks and one of the guides was dropped off to trace them.

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Miraculously, only using the search light on the helicopter, the team was able to spot the man’s arm waving at them.

They then successfully extracted him from the large pile of snow blocks. He was then hoisted 30 meters to safety.

Watch the footage below…

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