Miserable Walgreens Breakroom Gets Roasted, Photoshopped to Oblivion

It is my firm belief that you can tell you’ve really made it when you start to have your lunch break in a nice environment. I’ve taken my fifteen minutes in some bleak places over the years, ranging from cleaning cupboards to cigarettes on the back stoop.

While not exactly comfortable, I’d still prefer them over the awkward setup of the average retail breakroom. There’s something about those stiff chairs and the stale scent of an assistant manager’s microwaved soup that makes the thought of going out there and facing the world again even more unbearable. 

Few chain stores actually invest in a good area for their employees to rest in the middle of a shift. However, the Walgreens breakroom shared by @AinterShow is the stuff of nightmares, even by retail standards. While Twitter users were quick to make jokes about this jumped up prison cell, it can’t be a pleasant place to eat a sandwich.